Go Outside (it’s good for you)

Americans today are more removed from nature than ever before. Montanans remain more connected than most, but lower-income kids still lack access to the great outdoors.  While that may not be as pressing as, say, having enough to eat, time spent in nature comes with tons of its own health benefits. Just living near wild […]

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Let Them Love It

Children are the earth’s future, and the earth is our children’s future. Of course I mean that in the trite, “we only have one planet,” way, but they will also be the people making decisions that affect our planet: the public land workers, the geologists, the hunters & anglers, the oil company executives, the bleeding […]

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God Bless Teachers

  Mrs. McDonald and Fort Benton Elementary School were kind enough to be my guinea pigs for this whole education program deal.  For Arbor Day, the Fifth Grade class came out to Coal Banks Landing to plant box elder and and cottonwood trees. But first, they learned about how our trees would positively impact the […]

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The Other Tree Huggers

Talk about a crash course in Montana culture – as someone who wanted to experience more of the USA, I picked the perfect project to dedicate a year to. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, driving across the hi-line and central Montana, learning from those at the very heart of rural Montanan communities: […]

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